Spinal Tumors

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Spinal Tumors

Any tumor or growth on the spine whether cancerous or not, can press upon the nerves, causing pain, neurological defects and sometimes paralysis. Loss of sensation or muscle weakness, especially in the legs, difficulty in walking, sometimes leading to falls and loss of bowel or bladder function are some other symptoms of such tumors.

They are classified according to their location, as follows:

       * Extradural – Outside the dura mater lining (most common)
       * Intradural – Part of the dura mater lining
       * Intramedullary – Inside the spinal cord
       * Extramedullary – Inside the dura, but outside the spinal cord

Surgeons at Apollo Hospitals treat spinal tumors even in the most inaccessible areas. High-powered microscopes that are used in surgery help remove even delicately placed intradural tumors. Total Spondylectomy – removal of the entire vertebra is done as a definitive cure is also done for some spinal tumors.

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